• Brown's Gas

    browngasOxyHydrogen is an electrolysis gas with exceptional properties

    His hot flame can reach 3650 ° C.

  • Cold Fusion

    coldfusion The "cold fusion" is nuclear reactions at low energy LENR.

    Its potential may in the near future to solve the energy problems.
  • Sonoluminescence

    sonluminescence Sonoluminescence is a physical phenomenon in which the sound energy is converted into light.

    The phenomenon is produced with a small gas bubble immersed in a fluid, collapsing rapidly, emits light.
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Portable and compact generator of oxyhydrogen gas obtained by the electrolytic dissociation of water, suitable for microwelding, strong brazing on various types of materials (gold, steel, platinum, brass and other metals). Made with titanium technology and noble metals, it has a long life.

The gas is produced on demand and there is no accumulation, the flow generated is very small (80 l/h) and the operating pressure is only 0.3 bar, provided with bubbler security, two flashback arrestor valves, totally regulated by the microprocessor making the device completely safe.

The high temperature (3650 ° C) of the flame concentrated (laser like) allows you to make soft soldering without excessive overheating of the parties.
Suitable in jewelry, glass artisans, micromechanics, eyewear, dental and scientific laboratories.

Avoids the use of bulky, heavy and hazardous compressed gas cylinders. Easy to use, just need to recharge, occasionally, with simple distilled water. Economic, since it consumes 250 W, drastically reduces the operating costs. Safe use. It does not generate toxic fumes as the by-product is 'water and does not burn oxygen in the air. TITANOX capable of polishing Plexiglas surfaces with a simple pass.

Titanium Technology
Microprocessor Flow control
Bicolor scratchproof ALU-G case
Safety valve integrated microtorch
Microtorch diameter  0.7 mm
Electrolyte capacity  1 lt
H2O consumption (1h)  25 ml
Oxy-hydrogen gas production  80 l/h
Operating pressure  0.3 bar
Supply voltage   230VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption   250 W