• Brown's Gas

    browngasOxyHydrogen is an electrolysis gas with exceptional properties

    His hot flame can reach 3650 ° C.

  • Cold Fusion

    coldfusion The "cold fusion" is nuclear reactions at low energy LENR.

    Its potential may in the near future to solve the energy problems.
  • Sonoluminescence

    sonluminescence Sonoluminescence is a physical phenomenon in which the sound energy is converted into light.

    The phenomenon is produced with a small gas bubble immersed in a fluid, collapsing rapidly, emits light.
Laser Solare
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Prototipo di Laser Solare realizzato con una Lente di Fresnel gigante (ca. 1mq.). Lo scopo è quello di convertire la luce solare che questa lente raccoglie (circa 800 W solari) in energia elettrica con la migliore resa possibile.